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(Bordeaux, 1983)


I write poetry since childhood and wrote my first novel, Des Astres, in 2008. 

After trying medical studies, I graduate from law and politics. My Master in Political Sciences and Sociology (EHESS, Paris) gave me the investigative approach that I continue to use in my writing process.

In 2012, I was invited to read in public my poetry collection Miroir sans Titre. It has been a crush. Fascinated by the stage, I have since created multidisciplinary shows, lot of them with the violonist Pavel Amilcar. Some of our performances are Mise en Abyme (violin, viola da gamba, poetry), Femmes (violin, viola da gamba, dance, poetry), Hipnosis and Soledad (poetry, violin). 

In 2017, I attended theater classes at the Escuela Laboratorio School, and completed my training with a Postgraduate of Performing Arts and Social Action at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. Since then, I co-directs community projects where the personal narrations of the participants are the nerve center of the creation.

My second poetry collection Cicatrices, illustrated by the artist Perico Pastor, is to be published.


Curious about a creation without borders, as a foraging bee, I extend my exploration to Butoh (Japanese contemporary dance), bookbinding or engraving, leaving words at the center of my works, both scenic and visual.


As a Freelance, I work with fashion brands, stylists and designers, interview artists or write their portrait... One of my regular collaboration is with CITY Magazine, where I share my travel diaries and the interviews of the artists I meet during my voyages (Berlin, Bordeaux, Paris, Stockholm, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Oaxaca, Cabo Polonio, Barcelona…).

I am a founding member of Muses of Now, a global movement that connects women around the globe who challenge the now to shape the future.

I am now currently living in Barcelona, but who knows, it can change at any time, and the present time shows us more than ever that home is a wonderful place to work as a community. 

If you are looking for a poetic approach or the world and your projects, I'll be happy to collaborate.  

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